Peter Brown's dissertation


As noted elsewhere, ML/I was developed by Peter Brown as part of the work for his Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Cambridge. The full title of the dissertation was Macro processors and their use in implementing software.

The dissertation, which was completed in 1968, had the following structure:

All of the above are available on this web site; see below.

Format of material

Note that, although Appendices are mentioned below, they are merely short stubs referencing the updated documents which succeeded them. To download everything, you will need the complete dissertation file, as well as the 'ML/I User's Manual' and 'Implementing software using the L language'.

Each document is available in Portable Document Format (PDF). This can be viewed on most systems using appropriate software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is freely available from Clicking on the 'Get Adobe Reader' graphic at the end of this page will take you straight to the main Adobe Acrobat Reader page.

Each of the three Parts is self-contained and can be read independently of the other two. Because of this, the PDF files are provided in two forms: as the complete dissertation, and as a set of component parts. If the whole dissertation is required, use the single PDF file; this is because each PDF file carries a fixed (large) overhead due to the fonts required.

As an alternative, the whole dissertation is also available in HTML, as a single file. This file can of course be viewed with any browser, although the output is not as pleasing as the PDF version.

Available documents

Title Download
Title page/Contents/Preface/Overall Introduction
Part I: A survey of macro processors
Part II: A critique of ML/I
Part III: An exercise in machine independence
ML/I User's Manual (updated Appendix A)
Implementing software using the L language (updated Appendix B)

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