ML/I internals, or how it works

Despite its relatively small size (by modern standards, anyway), ML/I is not the easiest program to understand. Because of this Peter Brown wrote a document (in 1971) explaining how it works, and this can be quite useful when trying to track down a problem with a particular implementation. However, it glosses over some areas, such as how constructions are scanned, and how data structures are built and traversed.

To address this, a second document was written in 1977, as part of a project to comment the original ML/I source code (written in L). The commented source code is not available, but the document itself (written by Steve Fickas) is nevertheless very useful. Note that some other references in this document are also not available.

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These are the currently available documents:

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How ML/I works
ML/I Underlying data structures and functions

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