In general, all files available for download on this site are the latest versions. However, sometimes a previous version may be required, so any older versions are listed on this page, and can be downloaded.

Source code

This includes not only source files, but supporting files such as test data, etc. These are all non-current versions.

Source code format

Each file, or group of files, is available as a ZIP file (.ZIP). This can be unpacked using the ZIP utility, which is freely available from Clicking on the 'Zip' graphic at the end of this section will take you straight to the main UnZip page. Text files in the ZIP files have lines terminated by a carriage return, linefeed pair.

As an alternative, each file (or group of files) is also available as a 'gzipped' 'tar' file; this will often be more convenient for those using a UNIX, or UNIX-like, system. Text files in the 'gzipped' 'tar' files have lines terminated by a linefeed only.

Source code downloads

Title Version Download
LOWL source for ML/I AIG
LOWL source for ML/I AIH

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