Some examples of ML/I macros


This page is the repository for various example sets of ML/I macros. Further contributions are welcome.

File format

Each file, or group of files, is available as a ZIP file (.ZIP). This can be unpacked using the ZIP utility, which is freely available from Clicking on the 'Zip' graphic at the end of this section will take you straight to the main UnZip page.

Mapping macros

These are various mapping macros that have been used to implement ML/I. Some may be duplicates of those provided on the various implementation pages.

Title Download
Macros to map LOWL to SFL (System Function Language) for the ICL 2900

LOWL utility macros

These are various macros that have been used to help in the manipulation of LOWL source files.

Title Download
Macros to re-insert correct statement distances into transfer statements (e.g. GO, GOSUB) in a LOWL program.

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