Papers on ML/I and related topics

This page provides references to the major papers that have been published in connection with ML/I. In addition, it provides references to papers on related topics, such as portable software and also other macro processors.

In some cases, the references include a link to a downloadable copy of the relevant paper.

ML/I papers

  • Brown, P.J., ' The ML/I macro processor', Comm. ACM, 10, 10, pp. 618-623 (1967).
  • Brown, P.J., 'Design of the ML/I macro processor', Symposium on Software Engineering held at Culham Laboratory, HMSO, London, pp. 48-54 (1971).
  • Brown, P.J., ' A survey of macro processors', Annual review in Automatic Programming, 6, 2, Pergamon Press, Oxford, pp. 37-88 (1969).

Portable software

STAGE2 papers

Other macro processors


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