The ML/I macro processor

Welcome to the official ML/I web site. This site is intended as a central, one-stop resource for anyone who is using ML/I, or wants to find out more. It includes information, documentation, sources, ready-to-run binaries, example macros and much more.

There is also a lot of material on the way that ML/I is implemented, which is interesting in itself. This extends to other programs which have been implemented in the same way.

In summary, ML/I is a general purpose macro processor. For more details, particularly if you are a newcomer to ML/I, you may like to start finding out more by looking at the What is ML/I? section first. Use the links on the sidebar to select other pages at any time.

There is also some material on other macro processors, which will no doubt be of interest to some.

ML/I is an exceedingly long-lived program. It was first implemented by Peter Brown at the University of Cambridge in 1966 (see History of ML/I), yet is still frequently requested both by former users and by new ones. It has undergone remarkably few changes in its life; this fact is a testament to its original excellent design (though its age is revealed, perhaps, by an emphasis on 'goto' statements).

This site was built by, and is maintained by, Bob Eager who has been using and implementing ML/I since 1972. Bob can be contacted via these pages if you would like more information.

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